Antarctica: Journey to The White Continent

Antartica is a remote and astounding destination that intrepid travelers dream of seeing at least once in their life times. The journey to get there is certainly not for the faint of heart, and once there, it like no other place in the world.

Yachting: You need vitamin SEA

Resort to Laura Madrid provides our clients with access to the world's fleet of luxury charter yachts which cruise some of the most unique and exclusive destinations around the globe. Whether your preference is sailing, motor, super or mega yachts, Resort to Laura Madrid along with our hand-selected brokers identify the most desirable charter for you and ensure all is done to provide you with the most unforgettable voyage.

VIK CHILE – A Wine Destination in Itself!

If you love wine, art, nature and incredibly great food, VIK Retreats are one of a kind and a destination within themselves! Vik Chile is located just over two hours outside of Santiago in the Millahue area of the Chilean Central Valley. Besides being a wonderful place to start or finish an itinerary in Chile, …

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Mas Vino: An Argentine Wine Extravaganza

Malbec is Argentina's signature grape. Nowhere else in the world does malbec rise to such heights of quality and richness as it does here. Our fun-loving group of wine enthusiasts based ourselves at the Cavas Wine Lodge in the Lujan de Cuyo wine region of Mendoza, where the majority of the country's top wines are …

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ATACAMA – Adventure to the Highest & Driest Desert in the World

The San Pedro de Atacama oasis, in the middle of the driest desert in the world, has an altitudinal peculiarity: it is situated at 8,200 feet above sea level, making the Atacama not only the driest, but also the highest desert on earth. For this reason, the year-round climate is pleasant and the transparency of light is …

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PERU: An Epic Family Adventure

My husband and I hiked the Inca trail over a decade ago, and throughout that experience I dreamed of not IF, but WHEN we would return with our children! I challenge you to float to the end of these images - each experience tops the last! Let me know when I can help craft your …

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Cartagena de Indias: A magical girl’s trip!

I traveled to Colombia last year for the first time and was blown away by the whole country - the people, the topography, the food, the climate and the nature. And when I got to Cartagena, I knew I would return many times again for its year-round 80 degree weather, Spanish colonial vibe, spectacular shopping, …

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Colombia, oh what a delightful surprise!

Colombia has been on my mind for years simply because I have so many Colombian friends, and every time I meet a Colombian my impression is always so positive. In general, the Colombian disposition is highly upbeat, personable, and always fun. What I like to call “good people!" With decades of drug cartel violence and …

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Patagonia – The End of the World (Chile)

I know instantly when a place has changed me: I feel an unexplained tinge of melancholy at the end of a journey.  As I rode along the aptly named “Ruta del Fin del Mundo” (The Route to the End of the World) for the 5 hour drive back to the closest commercial airport in Punta …

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Buenos Aires and Uruguay

Dear Friends, Is it not amazing how our list of “must-see” places seems to expand proportionately each day? We keep trying to get just one more spectacular adventure in before the year end, before the month-end, before the weekend! I personally find that I am enjoying more places, maybe seeing them a bit quicker than …

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