Sicily: Palermo, Sciacca, & Agrigento

Italy's largest island, Sicily offers exceptional beaches, charming villages and towns, as well as an abundance of ancient ruins and archeological sites. aces the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Throughout history, Sicily has been at the crossroad of cultures, landscapes and cuisine. Our best itineraries are those that include stays on the East coast visiting Taormina, …

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Ibiza: Six Senses Brings a Whole New Vibe to this Balearic Island

I am a huge fan of the Balearic Islands, with each island having its unique personality and vibe. In past blogs, I have raved about Mallorca and Menorca, two islands with differing propositions of nature, topography, history, food, wine, art, beaches, and towns. Conversely, Ibiza is world-renown to party-goers and music lovers due to its …

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Navigate the Airport in Style

Welcome to a New Way of Travel - NOW OPEN in ATL Enjoy the benefits of private plane travel while flying commercially! The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport is welcoming a new private terminal for travelers that want to escape the chaos of the airport. The most VIP way through ATL isn't at ATL at all, but via …

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“The Hive” Private Residence: Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

Perched on a hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica’s famed Peninsula Papagayo, THE HIVE is the most luxurious secluded hideaway on the country's north coast. Below a beautiful welcome with customized coconuts…. ....and a welcome drink made of the national liquor, Guaro. The name comes from Aguardiente, literally fire water, but it's actually …

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Dominica: The Nature Island

Secret Bay Secret Bay is one of those places that you know if you know. It is off the radar, low-key, relaxing, stunning, romantic, and special all in one! The all-villa rainforest resort experience features secluded clifftop residential-style villas with private plunge pools, dedicated villa hosts, on-call concierge, chefs and guides, and secret beaches. Guests …

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Antarctica: Journey to The White Continent

Antartica is a remote and astounding destination that intrepid travelers dream of seeing at least once in their life times. The journey to get there is certainly not for the faint of heart, and once there, it like no other place in the world.

Aspen: Still the IT Place!

In-the-know, travelers come to Aspen for vacation because of it's reputation of being the IT place (not unlike Manhattan, the Hamptons, Malibu, or Beverly Hills). Even if people don't ski or mountain bike, Aspen draws jet setters to its chic yet authentic mountain town for the lifestyle, dining, àpres, shopping, and to enjoy the good life. The charming town is understated and inviting, but yes pricey!

Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland is one of the most geologically active areas on Earth. It offers lucky visitors the opportunity to be a first-hand witness to the creative forces of nature at work. With over thirty active volcanoes—and an abundance of glaciers, geysers, and waterfalls— one feels that everything around them is constantly in motion. What you see on one trip likely won't be there the next time you come, or at least it won't be the same!

Northern Italy: Piedmont Wine Region

The Piedmont wine region is situated in Northeastern Italy, with the stunning Alps in the backdrop, and famous for wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco, and Roero – and rich and savory food, including decadent truffles. In Piedmont, we stayed at Relais Villa d'Amelia in Alba, which is renowned for its truffle market and slow food movement. Days of tasting the region's best grapes, paired with Michelin-starred dining, were complemented by cycling, hiking, and hunting for fresh truffles.