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Resort to Laura Madrid provides our clients with access to the world’s fleet of luxury charter yachts which cruise some of the most unique and exclusive destinations around the globe. Whether your preference is sailing, motor, super or mega yachts, Resort to Laura Madrid, along with our hand-selected brokers, identify the most desirable charter for you and ensure all is done to provide you with the most unforgettable voyage.

Luxury yachts can offer experiences beyond the imagination, it is the ultimate escape from the reality of life and allows you, your family and friends to enjoy exotic destinations while staying in complete control of your itinerary.

Yacht charter vacations provide you with total luxury, privacy and security. Imagine your charter yacht as a floating villa, staffed with crew trained to discreet and attentive top-tier standards, as well as a chef who learned their culinary skills in the world’s finest restaurants.  


You can take as many – or as few – family members and friends as you care to invite aboard your personal floating abode! And of course, a luxury charter yacht is perfect for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or business achievements. For kids, a luxury charter is a “best-ever” vacation. The crew can help them catch fish, learn to snorkel or windsurf, and they will love the myriad of water toys, such as the towed inflatables or soaring slides. Big kids will enjoy high-tech, high-octane toys such as drones and flyboards. Expect the unexpected, too. Your crew may surprise you with a pirate-themed costumed dinner on a deserted beach, a lively dance party, karaoke, or casino night. In fact, many crews are so beloved for their know-how and their sense of fun that they develop a following of charter clients who book the same yacht year after year.


Of course, if you’d rather leave all the work back on land, a vacation aboard a luxury charter yacht will certainly relax your mind: fresh ocean breezes and soothing waves substitute the buzz of cell phones and zoom meetings. It will refresh your body: swimming in warm waters and savoring pampering massages. Most importantly, it will soothe your soul with new vistas every day and the opportunity to spend time with loved ones. If it’s peace you want, a yacht is the perfect place for quiet sunbathing, or you might choose a comfy couch where you can tuck into a good book. With a charter yacht, you can make your vacation anything you want, from mild to wild. Whatever your dreams, chartering a luxury yacht is a grand way to turn them into special and lasting memories. The world, aboard a luxury charter, is truly your oyster.


Your yacht vacation will be carefully tailored by Laura and the yacht’s captain to meet and exceed all your expectations. Want to put the first footprints on a deserted beach? Or dance until the wee hours at the hottest clubs? Hone your skills on a paddle-board, snorkel where squadrons of rainbow-colored tropical fish swarm around your face mask, zoom across the water on a jet ski, or try to break the bank at the Monte-Carlo casino? If shopping is your sport, explore chic boutiques in St. Barths and Saint-Tropez. A luxury charter yacht vacation is most definitely bespoke because no two are ever alike.


Linger over a multi-course dinner carefully prepared exactly to your taste, right down to a perfect apple tarte tatin. Laze in your bed before being served fluffy croissants and freshly squeezed orange juice (perhaps a mimosa?) on the sun-warmed aft deck. And end your day sipping icy champagne in a bubbling spa tub under the stars. The suites and staterooms aboard luxury yachts absolutely compete with some of the world’s top penthouses.

Don’t worry about being out of touch either: modern luxury yachts have better communication systems than you might have in your office. From satellite communications to Wi-Fi to video conferencing, you’ll be able to keep an eye on business, if you wish. Luxury charter yachts are one-of-a-kind vessels, designed by noted naval architects, built by the premier global shipyards and equipped with the very latest in entertainment, safety and security technology. Your crew is multi-talented, often including nurses or paramedics, massage therapists, hairdressers, fishing guides and personal trainers. Many yachts are designed with disabled access in mind with elevators between decks.


Don’t wait until the last minute to book your charter, especially during peak seasons (the Caribbean over New Year or the Mediterranean during summer) or you may miss out on getting the yacht you want. While the crew is always great, consider booking before the peak seasons and you will be rewarded with better pricing and a crew that are extremely well-rested and excited for the new season.


If your dates are flexible, try to visit some of the most popular cruising grounds in their shoulder season or off-season, when cruising conditions can still be great and crowds are few. Skip the high season of July and August in the Med and save thousands by booking in June or September instead. For The Bahamas, visit in late April to August – while technically the low season, it can be one of the best times to visit as the windy winter cold fronts are over and you can enjoy perfectly still days.


Communicate early and often – with your travel advisor, chef and captain. Everyone is working hard to make this the best experience for you and your guests, and they can best exceed your expectations if we know what they are. Likewise, if there is a problem let your crew and travel advisor know so that a solution can be found.


While you can go nearly anywhere on your travel wish list with a luxury yacht charter, it’s good to have an open mind as your travel advisor may suggest alternatives you might have overlooked. The Med and Caribbean will always be popular – and for good reason. But you might enjoy other areas you never considered, such as New England, the Pacific Northwest, or even further afield such as Indonesia, New Zealand, Galapagos or Antarctica!


It might be tempting to pack your days with myriad activities – whether it means embarking on shoreside diversions or taking advantage of all your yacht has to offer. But remember, one of the advantages of the yachting experience is embracing the laid-back lifestyle and slipping into a slower pace of life. Make sure you leave plenty of unscripted downtime for simple relaxation.


While the newest yachts might seem exciting, don’t let the age of a more established yacht turn you off. Many yachts in the charter fleet have undergone thorough and excellent refits, so even an older yacht can be a great choice, especially if you’d like to save money and not pay a premium just because a yacht is brand new. A yacht with good bones, an updated interior and a wonderful crew can be as enjoyable as a flashy new yacht – and sometimes considerably cheaper.


Spending a week at sea and taking part in unforgettable experiences is a bonding experience. So decide: is this a family adventure with your closest kin? Or an extended family reunion with multigenerational fun? Perhaps you’re planning a couples’ getaway with a few other like-minded friends. Or maybe it’s more intimate than that – a trip for two to some romantic, faraway land. Make sure you choose your tribe wisely and surround yourself with the right mates.

Are you ready to contact Resort to Laura Madrid to discuss yacht charter options? Here are some things to have in mind:

How Big? How Much? 

  • How many cabins do I want?
  • What’s my budget? (is it flexible?)
  • Do I have any specific requirements?

Prices and Size Ranges can differ from each season, whether its motor or sail, currency (USD vs EUR), year built/refit and more. But ultimately it is up to the owner as to what price at which they wish to list their yacht charter.

Here are some general guidelines comparing average industry market prices. 

Budget: up to 50,000 Base Rate, Size Range:  0-115′ 

Budget: 50,000- 75,000 Base Rate, Size Range: 82′ – 131′

Budget: 75,000-100,000 Base Rate, Size Range: 98′ – 147′

Budget: 100,000 – 150,000, Size Range: 115′ – 164′

Budget: 150,000 – 250,000, Size Range: 131-197′

Budget: 250,000 +, Size Range:  164′ +

On top of the yacht base rate, you need to also budget for APA (advance provisioning allowance) which is generally about 30% of the yacht cost and for crew gratuities which are range from 10-20% of the total yacht charter and are paid at the end of the voyage.

What is advanced provisioning allowance (APA)?

Advanced provisioning allowance (APA) is the extra fee that you pay in advance to cover the cost of provisions for your charter. The APA is paid on top of the charter fee. It helps to think of the advanced provisioning allowance as like opening a petty cash account for your captain and chef, because it’s the simplest way of tracking charter expenses while you’re on board.

What does APA cover?

The APA covers all the day-to-day operating expenses for your yacht charter. Everything from your food and fuel to port and customs fees. It also covers any special requirements or requests you might have while you’re onboard. The main costs to expect are:

Food and drink

Before your charter, your broker will send you a preference sheet so you can request all your favourite food and beverages. This will then be used to calculate your APA estimation. 

Fuel Charges

Your fuel costs will depend on your itinerary and whether you choose to cruise or stay at anchor. Fuel costs will also be included for any toys and tenders you use during your charter. 

Harbour fees and dockage

The harbour fees and dockage costs will also depend on where and when you want to charter. For example, you can expect to pay more for a berth in Monaco during Grand Prix week.

Communications Costs

If you plan to use the Internet or the yacht’s satellite communications while you’re onboard, this will also be factored into the APA.

Delivery fee

This doesn’t always apply. But if you board or disembark the yacht outside of her usual port, you may need to pay a delivery fee. 


While the yacht laundry costs are included in the charter fee, to have personal items laundered you may need to pay extra. 

How is APA calculated?

You’ll receive an APA estimation from your broker before you leave for your charter. As a general rule, the APA is calculated as a percentage of the charter fee. 

Expect to pay between 20-25% if you’re chartering a sailing yacht and 30-35% for a motor yacht. Note: this can be higher for day charters and depending on multiple factors. 

For example, it’s worth bearing in mind that your APA may be higher if you plan to spend your time island hopping. If you’re cruising more than 4 hours a day, you will need to cover that extra fuel consumption with your APA. 

Where and when do you need to pay it?

The APA is due at the same time as your final charter payment, so roughly one month before you set sail. The transfer is made directly to the yacht captain. Your broker will provide all the necessary bank details ahead of time.

Who will handle the purchasing for the charter?

The captain will oversee all the purchases made before and during your charter. He will be responsible for ensuring the crew stay within budget and will provide receipts and expense accounts upon request. All expenses will be charged at cost and at the end of your charter you’ll receive an itemized breakdown of all expenditures. 

What happens if the APA doesn’t cover all expenses? 

Charter cost estimation is fairly accurate, but there’s always a chance that you might decide to blow the budget while at sea. Should your outgoings exceed the initial payment, you can top up the APA in cash while you’re onboard. The captain will keep you updated throughout the trip, and if there are any outstanding costs, you’ll need to settle up before disembarking.

What if we don’t use the full APA? 

If there’s any credit remaining on the APA account at the end of the charter, the captain will issue a refund. You will receive the outstanding balance in cash before you leave the yacht. 

Finally, does the APA apply to all charters? 

When it comes to luxury yacht charter, the APA is usually applied as standard. Simple and straightforward, the APA is the easiest way to keep track of your outgoings while at sea. 


The world is your oyster! Let Resort to Laura Madrid help guide you. Contact me now at Laura@resorttolauramadrid.com or complete this form to get started!

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