Yachting: You need vitamin SEA

Resort to Laura Madrid provides our clients with access to the world's fleet of luxury charter yachts which cruise some of the most unique and exclusive destinations around the globe. Whether your preference is sailing, motor, super or mega yachts, Resort to Laura Madrid along with our hand-selected brokers identify the most desirable charter for you and ensure all is done to provide you with the most unforgettable voyage.

Magical Mukul Resort in NICARAGUA

One of my favorite things to do is to arrive to a magical place under the dark of night, not quite sure where you are going but most especially what you will see in the morning when you open your eyes! (I arrived years ago into the Maldives at 2 am after 24 hours of traveling …

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Nicaragua – Jicaro, An Island Eco-Lodge on Lake Nicaragua

The special island Eco-Lodge on Lake Nicaragua, Jicaro. We landed in small and easily forgettable Managua, Nicaragua – the capital of a country with such a tumultuous political past. We were immediately met by our driver before stopping at the local “pulperia” to provision some cold beers, cokes, and snacks for the hour drive south towards …

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