Barcelona: Beyond the Basics

Barcelona is a city that always pleases and is fun for everyone! Cutting edge, artsy, playful, Mediterranean, and proud. It is also a city that is often over-touristed and busy so traveling in 2021 was the perfect time to experience this architecturally-stunning sea-side gem without the crowds. We stayed at the delightful family-owned boutique hotel …

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Yachting: You need vitamin SEA

Resort to Laura Madrid provides our clients with access to the world's fleet of luxury charter yachts which cruise some of the most unique and exclusive destinations around the globe. Whether your preference is sailing, motor, super or mega yachts, Resort to Laura Madrid along with our hand-selected brokers identify the most desirable charter for you and ensure all is done to provide you with the most unforgettable voyage.

A Mid-Atlantic Road Trip: NC, VA, WV, MD

The Summer 2020 travel trend is discovering more, just beyond your backyard, which may be finding the joys in your own state or country. Driving trips are very much in vogue, as gasoline is at an all time low and clients feel more in control of their journey behind the wheel. Resort to Laura Madrid …

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Exploring the English Countryside

A highlight for many of my client's is a visit to England’s timeless countryside and the pretty villages of the Cotswold Hills. A wonderful base while touring the Cotswolds is in the spectacular town of Broadway where there are several options that we love for our clients including the Lygon Arms, the Dormy House and …

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Ireland: A Breath of Fresh Air!

  Ireland is a spectacular country that begs to be re-visited again and again. In recent years it has been off-the charts popular for many reasons, but I am convinced that what makes people really embrace the country is that the Irish are unabashedly friendly, welcoming and gregarious! No-one forgets to greet you with sincerity. …

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London, Always Calling! A Family Adventure.

London has two dozen FABULOUS hotels and they are all completely unique. I always try to stay some place different than my last visit so I can determine which hotels best suit each client. We started at the classic Dorchester built in 1931 overlooking Hyde Park in Mayfair. What an exceptionally comfortable hotel with beautifully …

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