Highlands – Cashiers, North Carolina

Just a few miles north of North Carolina's tiny border with Georgia, Highlands is a tiny hamlet sitting at 4,100 feet, making it one of the highest incorporated towns east of the Rockies. Cashiers, 10 miles to the east, is slightly lower in elevation but just as charming. Combined, the two towns offer boutique shopping, luxe accommodations, fine dining, and plenty of that storied Carolina ‘cue, providing plenty of restorative diversions.

A Mid-Atlantic Road Trip: NC, VA, WV, MD

The Summer 2020 travel trend is discovering more, just beyond your backyard, which may be finding the joys in your own state or country. Driving trips are very much in vogue, as gasoline is at an all time low and clients feel more in control of their journey behind the wheel. Resort to Laura Madrid …

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Exploring the English Countryside

A highlight for many of my client's is a visit to England’s timeless countryside and the pretty villages of the Cotswold Hills. A wonderful base while touring the Cotswolds is in the spectacular town of Broadway where there are several options that we love for our clients including the Lygon Arms, the Dormy House and …

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On Safari with Friends & Family: South Africa and Botswana

Safari Life is like no other experience in the world. It is raw, remote, heavenly, luxurious, mind-blowing, awe-inspiring, emotional, terrifying, hopeful, indulgent, carnal, sensual, simplistic, rugged, moving all in one.   On the other hand safari life can leave you simply speechless and for certain it does change you. What you experience deep in the bush stays with you for a life time, and most often brings you back for more.

Blackberry Mountain: Glamping in your own Private National Park!

Many of my clients have been asking me about the new Blackberry Mountain and I just could not wait to get this recap of my recent stay published while I am still in a Blackberry state of mind!! Beautiful interiors all thoughtfully designed and with views in mind - Blackberry Mountain is inviting year round! …

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Cycling Sonoma & Napa: A Backroads Adventure!

I send dozens of my clients on Backroads Trips, and this past week I was finally able to experienced one of these magnificent trips firsthand. This was a group of 18 women in Sonoma and Napa Valley riding bikes between wineries, so honestly, what is not to love?  Yet the attention to detail and the quality that …

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Southern Italy: Puglia and Basilicata

What a glorious region of Italy to discover! For those who have been to Italy multiple times and would like to get off the beaten path, the heel of Italy awaits! First stop was to Puglia, on the Southern Adriatic coast. This is a magical and authentic destination full of Italians and Europeans enjoying the beaches …

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South Africa the Splendid

South Africa the Splendid! There are not many countries in the world that rival South Africa for all the wonderful things on offer! The wildlife is mind-blowing, the wines are free flowing and exceptional, the cuisine is sophisticated and varied, the weather is dramatic and can be 4 seasons in a day, the people are …

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America the Beautiful: Exploring our National Parks

This trip it was time to take in some of our national treasures and see the way America may have looked in the beginning. We started with a Ranch Holiday in Big Sky Country, enjoying tremendous activities from fishing, shooting, horseback riding, hiking, mountain cycling, and archery on an Idyllic western ranch called The Ranch at …

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