Navigate the Airport in Style

Welcome to a New Way of Travel – NOW OPEN in ATL

Enjoy the benefits of private plane travel while flying commercially! The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport is welcoming a new private terminal for travelers that want to escape the chaos of the airport. The most VIP way through ATL isn’t at ATL at all, but via a separate terminal on the far side of the runway.
RTLM can get you there seamlessly in style…

Three Private Experiences

1. The Salon

For the individual traveler (and their spouse) who wants to skip the chaos of the airport. The salon is your best friend when on the go. Make traveling easy with expedited screening and shuttle services to and from the aircraft. 

  • TSA & Customs 
  • Chauffeur to and from aircraft
  • Complimentary cocktails and bites
  • Checked Luggage + Valet parking available
  • Spa shower available upon request

2. The Private Suite

Seeking luxury, privacy and comfort?
The Private Suite is perfect for you! Relax in your own sanctuary with dedicated staff, chef-prepared meals, unlimited amenities, and spa services. The Private Suite includes a day bed, entertainment center, a fully-stocked pantry, and private restrooms.

  • Private TSA & Customs
  • Private Chauffeur to and from aircraft
  • Complimentary cocktails and chef-prepared meals
  • Complimentary valet and car wash
  • Complimentary spa shower and spa service
  • Perfect for travelers with children and pets
  • Includes up to 4 travelers (option to add additional travelers for a cost)

3. The Direct

The closest thing to flying private! 
Get chauffeured directly to your home or hotel from the door of your commercial aircraft. Have the most seamless transition from aircraft to destination.

  • Complete Privacy
  • Private BMW Chauffeur to destination
  • “Head-of-state” treatment
  • Complimentary chef-prepared meals
  • Fastest and most efficient way off a commercial flight
  • Perfect for travelers with children and pets
  • Only available for domestic arrivals

Get the Membership

All-Access Membership

Ideal for families and guests traveling with pets or seeking a luxury private experience. 

  • Priority reservations
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Private chauffeur to and from your aircraft
  • Complimentary valet parking
  • Complimentary auto detailing
  • Complimentary spa services including massage, manicure and barber services
  • Suite personalization (custom menus and more)

The Salon Membership

Ideal for the individual traveler, or couples traveling without children or pets

  • Priority reservations
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Semiprivate chauffeur to and from your aircraft
  • Semiprivate TSA and Customs screenings
  • Complimentary valet parking


Let’s Compare

Picking Your Membership

The All Access Membership is perfect for guests who typically travel with their spouse, children under 18, or pets. The All Access Membership provides reduced per use fees for Private Suite services for discerning travelers who prefer the utmost privacy. The All Access Membership offers an addition perk called the “Direct.” A paid service allowing members to get chauffeured directly to their home or hotel from the door of the commercial aircraft.

We recommend The Salon Membership for the individual traveler who wants to skip the chaos of the airport and enjoy the benefits of private travel in a shared, social setting.

While we’re hyped about this new service at ATL, travelers should know their membership is valid at LAX and next year at DFW and MIA as well.

Pricing above is based on one way travel.

Limited Time Offer

If this all sounds too good to be true, it just got better.
RTLM has a limited time special offer for our clients.
Register for membership between now and July 31, 2023, receive a complimentary one-way Private Suite experience for up to four guests (valued at $4,850) when purchasing new All Access Membership ($4,850 per year). The annual membership offers perks, preferred pricing and priority reservation status!

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