On Safari with Friends & Family: South Africa and Botswana

Safari Life is like no other experience in the world. It is raw, remote, heavenly, luxurious, mind-blowing, awe-inspiring, emotional, terrifying, hopeful, indulgent, carnal, sensual, simplistic, rugged, moving all in one.   On the other hand safari life can leave you simply speechless and for certain it does change you. What you experience deep in the bush stays with you for a life time, and most often brings you back for more.

South African Soujourn: Cape Town and the Peninsula, Stellenbosch, and Sabi Sands

I had the privilege of escorting the top 25 customers and their spouses of a major corporation on a 10 day trip to South Africa! It was a fabulous group and the experience for everyone was beyond stellar. I am happy to share some of the superb comments we received from the attendees below. Cape …

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South Africa the Splendid

South Africa the Splendid! There are not many countries in the world that rival South Africa for all the wonderful things on offer! The wildlife is mind-blowing, the wines are free flowing and exceptional, the cuisine is sophisticated and varied, the weather is dramatic and can be 4 seasons in a day, the people are …

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A Beach Holiday in Mozambique at Azura Benguerra

I highly recommend starting or ending a safari trip to South Africa with some leisure time on a beach in Mozambique. While many clients prefer to relax at the end of a long trip at the beach, I actually started my safari with a visit to Mozambique and it was the perfect antidote to the …

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India – A Dream Realized

India is sound and color, chaos and peace, tradition and innovation. The subcontinent holds a variety of contrasting images, from Kipling-esque visions of spectacular, carved temples and gleaming marble palaces, to lonely Himalayan lamaseries and far-flung dusty villages where council meetings are held under the shade of a banyan tree. Nearly one sixth of all the …

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East Africa: Safari and Warriors

“There was never another time like that first time in Africa” – The Snows of Kilimanjaro, Ernest Hemingway, 1936 Day 1: Arrive in Nairobi.  First impression: Kenyans must be the loveliest people in the world.  Even those who have nothing give smiles that melt your heart – smiles that can’t be expressed in words, smiles …

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