Blackberry Mountain: Glamping in your own Private National Park!

Many of my clients have been asking me about the new Blackberry Mountain and I just could not wait to get this recap of my recent stay published while I am still in a Blackberry state of mind!!


Beautiful interiors all thoughtfully designed and with views in mind – Blackberry Mountain is inviting year round!


Outdoor dining spaces for summer days –


A heated infinity pool overlooking the mountains all around –


My kind of living room!


The ‘Mountain” is a complete unique and fresh take on all that is beloved at the Farm but in a more remote, outdoorsy, modern and healthful way.  Don’t get me wrong, the Farm will always be a wow and the perfect place for so many of my clients, but the Mountain opens up an opportunity for a new demographic of food and nature lovers and a reason to return to something new for those Blackberry junkies!

Blackberry Mountain sits on 5200 acres, I am told much of it that has been put into a land conservancy by the owners, never to be developed, always to be enjoyed.  Views are phenomenal, peace and quiet are a way of life, and the activities are plentiful. Blackberry Mountain is the perfect place for active couples, families seeking a glamping experience, even solos or girls group wanting to get fit and eat very, very well (much more on that subject below)!

Take a gander on the telescope –


Each accommodation comes with a golf cart, but the team is happy to whisk you up and down the mountain and many prefer to use their own power to take it all in!


Accommodations range from gorgeous and luxurious stone cottages located at the lower mountain near the main lodge and activities hub to luxury cabins at mountain top near the Firetower. Multi-bedroom luxury homes are also available from two bedrooms and up they are perfect for families or an adult celebration gathering!


Even the snacks and drinks in the rooms are healthy and carefully sourced – (all non-alcoholic goodies are included in your room rate and replenished as needed).


Cozy up to both an indoor and outdoor fire place in the cottages –


The view from our Cottage, Paw Paw –


The Mountaintop Cabins are marvelous –


This team member at Blackberry reveals the Television thoughtfully hidden behind some art work…


Rates include breakfast and dinner, snacks galore, and a wide array of fitness classes each morning until noon – aerial yoga, climbing techniques, mountain fit, spin endurance classes are but a few on the daily agenda.

Start the day with a hike to breakfast.  The best place for breakfast, lunch and day time drinking is up at the historic Firetower – literally a tower that was built to spot mountain fires and now a place to climb up and simply soak in the view.


Lunch at Firetower might have been my favorite part of each day! The glorious views, the friendly team, the peace and calm, and a simple but expertly executed menu!


Dinner is a four course tasting menu focusing on fresh, organic, flavorful and creative options. The food at each meal, was a tantalizing treat of all things not only wonderful for your body, but satisfying for your soul and inner foodie self!


The wine program alone is so much fun – every vintner comes with a great story and were selected because they are unique and interesting or very good friends with Blackberry.  Everything we tried was esoteric and delicious!! Opt for the wine pairing and you will have a great time with the soms, Logan and Wesley.

The evening view from dinner at Three Sisters –


Hiking up to breakfast at the Firetower is a great way to start the day!

Well worth the effort!! Healthful, satisfying, scrumptious!


Don’t miss the spa, lovingly called the Nest, is a treat!! One of the best massages I have had in a while!


For hikers and mountain cyclists, the trailways throughout the mountain are challenging and gorgeous!! This is a paradise for those who enjoy an off road challenge.

All fitness classes and activities change on a daily basis and are complimentary between 9am and 1pm. The Hub is where it all happens –

Paid guided activities including miles of stunning mountain bike trails are a must do!! If you don’t want to work up too much of a sweat you can do the down hill trail. We were lucky enough to be escorted on our ride by Jeff who oversees the cycling programming at both the Farm and the Mountain! Fantastic guy!


You can be as active or as chilled as you would like – there is always a place to take in the views…


…Sip a house-crafted cocktail – (here at the Whippoorwell Lounge)

IMG_5710 read a book or play a game…


Phase two of Blackberry Mountain will include a large lake with rope swings, water toys and a third dining venue, and a family pool – this will certainly be reminiscent of summer camp!!

It is very, very easy to loll into a Blackberry state of mind!


Clients of Resort to Laura Madrid enjoy preferred pricing and additional amenities at both Blackberry Mountain and Blackberry Farm.  Contact me now and please do book early as this place will be in very high demand!

“Spanning 5,200 acres in the Great Smoky Mountains, Blackberry Mountain continues a legacy of world-renowned hospitality and unwavering dedication and appreciation for the land. Rising above Miller’s Cove in Walland, TN, Blackberry Mountain has dedicated 2,800 acres of land to conservation. This effort to preserve the natural wonder of the mountains offers breathtaking views and a serene escape from the stresses of modern life in a private national park setting. A commitment to land conservation and a passion for sharing the wonders of life in the Smokies shapes the unprecedented experience that awaits on Blackberry Mountain. Outfitted for adventure and designed for comfort, this estate takes the Blackberry State of Mind to new heights.”

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