On Safari with Friends & Family: South Africa and Botswana

Safari Life is like no other experience in the world. It is raw, remote, heavenly, luxurious, mind-blowing, awe-inspiring, emotional, terrifying, hopeful, indulgent, carnal, sensual, simplistic, rugged, moving all in one.   On the other hand safari life can leave you simply speechless and for certain it does change you. What you experience deep in the bush stays with you for a life time, and most often brings you back for more.

Cayman – Luxury Villas

Cayman has it all. For those looking for a friendly, safe, easy-to-get-to, food-forward, relaxing, service-oriented island with fabulous beaches and water, Cayman checks all the boxes! One of my biggest challenges when identifying villas for my clients is finding not just a great looking and quality home, but ensuring the service is of the highest …

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London, Always Calling! A Family Adventure.

London has two dozen FABULOUS hotels and they are all completely unique. I always try to stay some place different than my last visit so I can determine which hotels best suit each client. We started at the classic Dorchester built in 1931 overlooking Hyde Park in Mayfair. What an exceptionally comfortable hotel with beautifully …

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