You Better Belize It! …Jungle Love

Belize is a gem in the rough!

Talk about a country that has so much to offer but is so under-discovered. My family and I cave-tubed, zip-lined, puddle-jumped, road-transferred, kayaked, hiked, horse-backed, golf-carted, biked, jogged, paddle-boarded, motor-boated, parasailed, snorkeled, and hamocked our way from the jungle to the Caribbean.

Belize borders Guatemala and Mexico, and even though it’s officially an English speaking country, Spanish is the go-to language for most. Kriol, Maya, Mandarin, and Garifuna are widely used and inter-mixed. The diversity of the food reflects the many languages spoken, making Belize one of the most interesting places to eat in Central America!

How can I define the people? Incredibly friendly, confident, casual, professional, service-oriented, and charming. There is no agenda – everyone genuinely seems both happy and happy that you are there!

King of the Jungle is Francis Ford Coppola’s charming Blancaneaux Lodge – located in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve in Northwest Belize close to the Guatemalan border.

Arriving to Blancaneaux….


We are so excited…..hZsLR9yRkSxdlXpgiv7Pw.jpg

…to get this party started! Checking in includes the Blancaneaux rum punch.


The dense jungle, steep ravines, spectacular waterfalls, and fast flowing rivers are home to many rare or endangered species of flora and fauna in NW Belize. On property alone we have quite a bit of adventure in store followed by pool time…


But first let’s get checked in to our gorgeous two-bedroom villa with beautiful indoor and outdoor living spaces all along the river front.

Our first activity was a fantastic hike to a breathtaking waterfall….

The spa at Blancaneaux is exceptional! They even have two Thai therapists that do traditional Thai massage which has always been my favorite therapy!

The spa is open air with a view of the river and features a river shaped hot tub out front. A must do!

The horse stables are phenomenal with horses that are no joke. Fantastic riding for riders that love powerful horses that enjoy a little competition. The ride is gorgeous and takes you through various types of forests from rain to pine. The guide was experienced and safe and will absolutely entertain all levels of riders.

After cleaning up a bit, in the evening we came back to the garden for a walk through and dinner with the gardeners. The food is all organic and grown on property – absolutely the most favorable and delicious produce I have enjoyed in a while!


Off premise we enjoyed a day of fascinating cave tubing and zip lining –

Not as high-end as Blancaneaux, but a superb option with lovely service, comfortable accommodations, and a terrific restaurant is Ka’ana. Ka’ana is very well located off a key highway, which makes getting to the many ruins of the area and the multiple adventures of Northwest Belize very easy.

Belizean breakfast of champions!


Touring the garden with the gardener – much of the food is grown on property!

….Including the fresh hand-crafted organic cocktails – OH MY!



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