Imanta: A Complete Escape near Puerto Vallarta

Do you ever return from a holiday so exhausted that you need a vacation? Picking the right kind of place to unwind is really important. Picking a destination where you can connect with nature, listen to nothing but an ocean breeze, watch a lizard scurry or bird flutter, and be totally unconnected may be the road to surrendering yourself to the holiday your mind and body crave.

For this type of holiday, I suggest you select a resort where you don’t have to pre-plan an agenda. I find that arriving to your holiday destination faced with a rigid agenda complete with cancellation policies may add to the stress of an already highly scheduled lifestyle. Or worse, who wants to learn that because you have not pre-booked your spa, activities, or dinner reservations, it is now too late to get a spot?


Imanta is an idyllic seaside retreat near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico reached by driving about an hour from the airport, the last 20 minutes of which are through a thick jungle, finally reaching an untouched sliver of the Pacific coast. There are no imposing buildings, just a charming restaurant with roof top views, a wonderful beach shack and toes-in-the-sand restaurant, an open-air spa, and 12 stunning individual “casas” where guests have the utmost in privacy and luxury. For a family or a group of friends, there are spectacular 2 and 3 bedroom “Casonas.” Best of all, this is a place where you can arrive, breathe deeply, and just see what comes your way.


Imanta is the kind of place where the chef asks you what you would like to eat and prepares it for you. You are on a first name basis with the beach bartender and he knows every type of margarita you have tried and that your favorite is the jalapeño hibiscus concoction. Your spa therapist meets you at the beach and walks you a few steps through the jungle to the al fresco treatment zone for a dreamy massage.

Surprisingly, the sand is very soft and the water quite warm at this little Pacific paradise, the service is exceptionally attentive, and the setting could not be more romantic.


The majority of the accommodations are stand-alone one bedroom casas, many with their own large plunge pool:

Two Bedroom Casona Los Templos is perfect for two couples traveling together with each in a Master Bedroom:



The grand dame is the three bedroom Casona Jaguar which is idea for a family or a big birthday celebration among friends:


Imanta is not the place to go if you are seeking kids clubs, live entertainment, motorized water sports, or an endless agenda of things to do. Imanta is the spot for those that would like a little peace, relaxation, natural beauty, exceptional food and drink, and personalized under-stated service. Yes, the concierge will gladly set up activities, excursions, and adventures, but many guests feel perfectly content sipping libations with a good book!


(Note that each of the Casas and Casonas are perfectly air-conditioned, the rest of the resort facilities are open air)


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