Victoria Falls: Zambia & Zimbabwe

Visiting Victoria Falls is a highlight for many traveling on Safari in Southern Africa, not only for the majesty of seeing some of the largest water falls in the world, but also for the adrenaline rush adventures the region offers.

Victoria Falls in local language means “The Smoke that Thunders” and its spray can be sometimes be seen from 30 miles away.


Other falls that are considered the “largest” – some for height, some for width, some for amount of water that passes through are Angel Falls in Venezuela, Iguazu Falls on the border between Argentina and Brazil, and Niagara Falls between Ontario and New York.

For comparison sake, Victoria Falls is the world’s largest sheet of falling water and is almost double the height of Niagara Falls and half a kilometer wider.

Our trip included three families traveling together and breaking up our safari with a bit of adrenaline inducing activities at the Falls.

A hike along the Falls was my favorite way to take in the majesty of the Falls, the noise, the spray and even the rainbows were awe-aspiring –


The rainbows surrounding the falls are astonishing!


We ran into a troop of baboons with their new borns and toddlers at the falls –


A 20 minute helicopter ride from Zimbabwe and Zambia, gives an excellent sense of the area and the scenic Victoria Falls and the Zambezi river  –

Preparing for takeoff…


…and we’re off!


Zip Lining and the Gorge Swing are a must for most families and adrenaline junkies –


The girls preparing for a tandem jump on the gorge swing –


All smiles on the way back up from the zip line –


Next stop on our adventure, the Elephant Camp West! Our group took over the four tents and enjoyed the property on an exclusive use basis –


All of our meals here were prepared just for us –


The individual tented accommodation has a deck, pool and outdoor shower –


Painting with Elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary and Rehab Center –

What a wonderful activity, which I highly recommend for families. Observe the elephants in the rehab center up close and personal and then try your hand at a bit of creative water coloring of the animals before they move onward with their walk.

Some of us have more talent than others – so fun to see each persons interpretation of the same subject! (spoiler alert, my painting did not win any prizes!)

Zambezi River Sunset Cruise –

A wonderful way to take in the sunset, is on board a vessel on the Zambezi. During the ride you may catch sight of a few hippos and crocodiles!



Hippos keep themselves cool by staying under water most of the day –


The highlight of our trip was visiting the Lesedi School

This nonprofit school in rural Zimbabwe has a charitable trust whereby you can sponsor a child’s education giving them a much needed opportunity in life! I am glad to share more details. The genuine care that these children showed us during our visit was so emotional – taking each of us by the hand from our van and escorting us in to the school yard.


Welcome to Zimbabwe!

The children performed a beautiful welcome song and dance! Check out the videos…

These boys can jump!

Education is the difference between a potentially bleak future and endless possibility! You too can adopt a child and give them a chance in life via education – let me know if you would like an introduction!


The people of Zimbabwe stole our hearts!


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