Nizuc: The new game in town near Cancun!

Whatever your impressions of Cancun are, there is a new player in town and for the sophisticated traveler, not to be missed! 

Nizuc is a sleek and unique resort that has recently opened not more than 10 minutes from the Cancun airport on a quiet  bay with the Cancun hotel zone nearby yet a million miles away.

KB-x6H6cJvgynrsvX_-GIj2S_0d5bAEFMnd7VZROQ08,9c9AFnpz8V3Zyyfgpw6m3WImtS8YCqyl89xkNOqK_iI fd7Z5lsReD6R20s92OrL42a0ktz_03og8_98NrhAITE,lp_4Cv5Jkd9OkvKeWHuC6elM6G-RPckTY2r4O0oK5DYApparently the original design was meant for an Aman property if that gives you any idea of the minimalist and balanced lines of the architecture.  Gorgeous materials, water features and symbolic art prevail.

The resort has approximately 250+ rooms but feels completely boutique in every way. The thoughtful lay out never allows the resort to feel busy or big.  Service is well rehearsed and  though they are still working out some growing pains from being newly opened, the sincerity and genuine warmth of the staff is not lost.

One of the best highlights of the resort, if not its most singular feature, is the food and beverage offering.  Not just the number of unique restaurants, but each one designed in a special setting as a worthy destination of its own.  My favorites are La Punta Bar and Grill – an open air and cozy restaurant found along a jungle path at the very end of the resort on its own beach.  The beach and pool here is targeted to adults only and the restaurant has a comfortable swagger at both lunch and dinner.  Ceviches, crab tacos, veal chops, osso bucco, grilled shrimp and guacamole. 


The upscale Mexican restaurant, Ramonas, has a gorgeous menu with traditional and modern takes on Mexican and Mayan cuisine.  Sopes filled with shrimp and dumplings with Yucatecan pork are some of my favorite appetizers!


Ni, The Peruvian restaurant with exceptional ceviches and seafood  boasts private and communal wooden tables and the perfect spot to eat a healthful and tasty meal overlooking the beach goers.

The breakfast buffet or a la carte breakfast have spectacular continental and traditional Mexican favorites and will temp even those normally content with just an espresso at the time of day.  What I liked about the restaurant is they accommodate happily early birds rushing for a flight, or those that don’t want to get out of bed until noon!

Clients of Resort to Laura Madrid enjoy breakfast with compliments.

Service in all of the food and beverage outlets was excellent and the wine and cocktail lists were impressive. I can see why guests might not want to leave the resort at all.

Beware of the Havana Lounge! Our group found out the hard way what a vintage rum and hand rolled cigar can set you back, but a treat nonetheless.


So you don’t have to be a foodie to love Nizuc, the spa design and concept is worth the trip alone.  The treatments are exceptional and for those just wanting to enjoy the hydrotherapy treatments and Espa products offered with compliments whilst enjoying the facilities, you won’t be underwhelmed.  The design, beauty and functionality of the spa were very thoughtfully conceived. Clients of Resort to Laura Madrid receive a complimentary visit to the spa hydrotherapy facilities.


There are 13 room types so picking one you will be happy with is important. While many peak at ocean, only a few are actually oceanfront.  Many of the units offer plunge pools. Some of the nicest accommodations are the garden units, which offer larger pools and complete privacy. The room product is beautiful, spacious and well laid out.


Families need to insure they book in an area that is not adults only and be aware that interconnecting may not  always be an option.

The beach – the beach in Caribbean Mexico is some of the nicest on earth.  The beach at Nizuc is no exception but keep in mind that it is on a protected bay the point and this means that the water is very calm, almost Zen like.  Perfect for some but others that are accustomed to the warm waves and brilliant blues on the more active beaches of the area, may be disappointed.  There are several seating areas, some busier, some more discreet, all offering cocktail and food service.  Again nothing ever really feels too busy or too big.


Families are more than welcome at Nizuc and there is a kids club, family pool, and that quiet, calm beach might be just the ticket for parents to rest more assured as their kids swim.  Couples not traveling with kids, will not feel they are at a family resort at all though. again the expert lay out, intimate dining venues, and adults only beach and even guest rooms area assures this.

Perhaps the best thing about Nizuc is that flights from most US Cities to Cancun are under 3 hours and the drive to the resort is well, quicker than you can finish a cold beer.

So regardless of how you think you feel about Cancun, you can’t beat the beaches, Mexican hospitality, service and food, and now Nizuc is a special retreat in itself.   Having been on the opening team of The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun 22 years ago, I have always been very fond of the area. Of course, it has changed tremendously and developed at a dizzying speed.  What is now coined The Riviera Maya, was once simply referred to as the Cancun-Tulum corridor.  This was when one left Cancun to escape the hustle and bustle of the crowds and nightlife.  Several very good resorts have opened in the Riviera Maya in the past decade, but now there is a luxury addition just outside Cancun at the gateway to the Riviera Maya – the best of all worlds!  Nizuc will surprise and delight even the most jaded sun-seekers!

Clients of Resort to Laura Madrid receive the following at Nizuc with compliments:

Upgrade if available

Complimentary Breakfast for Two

One Way Airport Transfers

Use of the hydrotherapy experience at ESpa

Welcome Tequila! 


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