Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Disney is the Ticket!

I know there are many people who live for Disney and return regularly with bragging rights of how to best navigate the parks, then there are people like me who have taken their children to over 30 countries but never, ever to Disney! When I say Disney, I am throwing in the whole lot – Universal included. I am not a grump and I can have fun as much as the next guy, but let’s face it, since when has waiting in line for 90 minutes to hug some character ever become fun? (I admit, I have waited that long for a seat at a hole-in-the-wall Cambodian restaurant, kids in tow, but I have my priorities!)

All joking aside, there is finally an absolutely perfect way to do the parks of Orlando in style – and in a way that is special for every member of the family, no matter what they value in an Orlando holiday. The newly opened Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Disney is the ticket!

This new Four Seasons is luxe with all the bells and whistles!

The rooms are plush and comfortable!

After a half day or so of time at the parks, nothing is nicer than coming back to Four Seasons for an afternoon of lazing by the pool with a cocktail. Kids and adults alike can continue the fun by playing in the fountains or floating down the lazy river.

Most fun however, are the set of water slides. Climb up the three stories and enjoy the ride down!

Even on a cool day, these are nicely heated.

There is an adults only pool for those that need a kid-free zone and there are also several adult-free zones including the completely complimentary Kids for All Seasons and the Teen Club.

For those wanting a bit of sport, in addition to a fantastic fitness center, guests can shoot hoops on a full court or play beach volley ball!

The biggest highlight of staying at Four Seasons rather than at a hotel in the parks, might simply be the food!  Succulent Cuban cuisine at the golf club house, a sleek Italian grill and pizza restaurant on the main level, a roof top tapas bar and restaurant with a super vantage of the fireworks at Disney each night!

Or maybe just some ice cream or a morning bagel at Lickety Split.

So how does one get to the parks?

Four Seasons bus is complimentary and departs from the resort every 30 minutes. The Disney desk is located inside the lobby at Four Seasons and is the place for all information Disney related, tickets and other arrangements.

For Universal, the concierge desk can arrange tickets and private car transfers for not much more than the price of a taxi – definitely the way to go!

Four Seasons Resort is a reason to visit Orlando even if the parks are not on your list!  And if you are doing the parks, there is no better way to insure that every member of the family has a truly “magical” time!

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