Seeing Alaska’s inner passage on a Lindblad National Geographic expedition ship is the best way to get astonishing close to the massive glaciers of Glacier National Park and the spectacular cold weather wildlife and stunning forests and remote fishing villages.

Life on board a small expedition ship is convivial where you dine with the Lindblad naturalists and National Geographic photgraphers, swap storys and cocktails with fellow expedition passengers.  A typical day might be a morning wet landing via zodiak for an inland hike through bewildering rain forests and then afternoon exploration via kayak to get up close and personal to the glaciers.  The bravest of all may do a polar bear dive from the back of the ship into the icy waters!  Food is excellent and fellow passengers and crew are all highly educated and very interested in the educational component of the expedition.

This is a fantastic multi generational trip with something for all abilities and children can become certified as junior rangers by the national park service rangers and get a “drivers liscense” which certifies them in driving the zodiaks!

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