The Ultimate Celebration: Private Jet in 22-Days Around the World

Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden TriangleDoes your bucket-list of “must-see” places continue to multiply, along with those annual birthdays? Do you just feel you can’t find the time to get away and see the world? Perhaps you can’t fathom where to even start planning.  What if everything was organized for you from A to Z including airport transfers, country to country flights via private jet, amazing meals, bespoke private tours, breathtaking access to some of the world’s most coveted treasures? What are you doing on October 29, 2012? Join Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in 10 legendary destinations on a 22-day unforgettable voyage! For more information click the link below. For first-hand experience and personal recommendations about each of the hotels and destinations on the itinerary, contact Resort to Laura Madrid. Laura has personally stayed at over 65 Four Seasons properties worldwide and knows the destinations, the hotels, and the teams that make them the most successful properties in the world!

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